Very important:

1. All shoes, handbags, swimwear in store items as well as items in our sale collection are available "in store" and can be sent out immediately. Please allow 2-5 working days for delivery.

2.  ALL other clothing and swimwear items are imported and usually takes up to 14 working days (weekends and public holidays excluded) for delivery. If any of the in store items are ordered with clothing items, the entire order will be sent out as soon as the clothing items are received at our offices. 

3.  Due to our warehouse's annual holiday there may be delays over and above the stipulated delivery time of 14 working days.  

4.  If the items you want to order are time sensitive, please keep the above in consideration to avoid disappointment.   

5.  We are already using the fastest possible airfreight from our supplier to us and our staff are taking extra measures to speed up the ordering process to our warehouse and once the items are received, we sent out the parcels promptly with the local courier.

The process:

  • After you placed your order, you will receive an order confirmation via email
  • We will process the order at our supplier.  As soon as we receive the shipment at our offices, we will immediately pack and send it out to you with our local courier
  • You will receive tracking information via email

Thank you for the continious support. We will always do everything in our power to get your orders to you as a matter of urgency.

For any questions and queries, please email us on or contact us on (016) 362 4907

Happy Shopping!


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